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Article: Guide To Housing

Housing Assistance

Table of Contents
  1. Housing
  2. Choices for Persons with a Disability
  3. Choices for Seniors and Elderly
  4. Home Ownership
  5. Reverse Mortgage
  6. Accessible Housing
  7. Renting a Home
  8. Long Term Care Facilities
  9. Housing Assistance
  10. Emergency Housing
  11. Moving

Low-income Housing and Public Housing
Federal and National Housing Assistance

Low-income Housing and Public Housing

Low-income housing and public housing programs provide affordable living options for people whose income is at or below a set amount. Low-income housing programs help people get into an affordable home. Public housing units are specially designated buildings set aside for people at lower income levels. The money to provide these affordable homes comes from state and federal funds as well as from private donations and investments. There are many different programs available through many different government and private agencies with the same goal of helping people live in a home they can afford. Most programs help people with their monthly rent payments, but some programs can help you make a down payment to buy a home. Some programs require you to live in apartment buildings or areas designated as public housing, others allow you to live in any available rental unit in your area.

One program with which you may be familiar with is Section 8 or Housing Choice Vouchers. There are several different programs providing housing assistance under the Section 8 program. Each state administers these programs differently. Your monthly or annual income determines your eligibility.

Generally, these programs target families and individuals whose annual income is less than 50 percent of the median income. However, there are other programs that focus on people whose income is 30 percent or lower than the median and other programs where people who earn up to 80 percent of the median income may participate. Median income requirements are based on the size of your family, so the larger your family, the more you will be allowed to make and still be eligible. Keep in mind that there are many different programs with varying eligibility requirements and that you will probably need to contact the programs directly to see if you qualify.  There are also financial incentives and tax breaks to encourage developers to build low-income housing units.

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Federal and National Housing Assistance

There are many federal programs to help with the national problem of an affordable housing shortage. Federal agencies have determined that an affordable home means the home costs no more than 30 percent of the money you make each month. For people with low-income, and this includes many people with disabilities and the elderly, finding affordable housing is not possible, which is why federal programs are trying to equal the playing field.

There are now many federal programs to support affordable housing, including special programs for people with low-income, people over age 55, first time home buyers, and people with disabilities. The federal government does not administer these programs; rather each state receives some federal money to help provide affordable housing. Each state also contributes money along with private donations and investors. Together the money provides affordable homes in communities across the country.

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
HUD's mission is to increase home ownership, support community development, and increase access to affordable housing free from discrimination. Their website has valuable resources for first-time buyers and buyers protected under the Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity Act.

Section 8 Made Simple - Housing Choice Voucher Program (HCVP)
This PDF document is available on the web, however you need Adobe Acrobat to view it. Section 8 housing is a voucher system that helps individuals with disabilities and low-income pay for housing. In this guide you will learn about how Section 8 housing works and where to go to get more information in your state.

US Department of Agriculture Rural Development
There are specific programs for people in rural areas to find and develop affordable housing. This page on the website of the US Department of Agriculture Rural Development site has information for rural residents.

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