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Article: Guide to Daily Living and Lifestyle


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Divorce can have serious emotional effects on a husband, wife as well as any children who are involved. Getting a divorce is not a decision to be taken lightly. It should be thought through carefully. Below are links to information related to getting a divorce. Learn what to consider when getting a divorce. Also listed are resources for those who have already experienced a divorce and are working to put their life back together.

Online Lawyer Source
This site offers information and help on divorce law and other related legal topics.

Divorce Magazine
This online magazine contains a wealth of information related to divorce and how to cope with its effects. Articles, resources, and support groups are also available through the website.

Divorce and Your Special Needs Child
This article talks about issues related to divorce when a child with a disability is involved.

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There is a belief that individuals with disabilities will never marry or have children. Because of this, many believe that it is not necessary for people with disabilities to learn about or experience human sexuality. Some even maintain that individuals with disabilities lack sensation. They also think that people with disabilities do not know how to be intimate with another person. That myth is being proven false as people with disabilities experience more independence. They are choosing to marry and/or to become sexually involved. Despite having a disability, all humans have the need for closeness, companionship, and affection.

Listed below are links that discuss sexuality and how it relates to individuals with disabilities.

Sexuality Education for Children with Disabilities
The Center for Parent Information and Resources offers this article. It addresses the concerns that parents and professionals have in guiding children and young adults with disabilities in their sexual development. Topics in the publication discuss the importance of developing social skills and teaching children and youth about sexuality. There is also information on how a disability determines the kind of information that is presented and how to foster relationships. Generally, the focus is on preparing people with disabilities to make healthy, responsible decisions about adult relationships.

Sexual Difficulties
The WomensHealth.com offers information specifically for women with disabilities. Go to this site for links to publications related to sexuality and disability.

Sexual Health
The Sexual Health Network provides easy access to sexuality information, education, therapy, and other resources for people with disabilities.

Epilepsy and Sexuality
This site poses a series of questions and answers about epilepsy and sexuality.

National Study of Women with Physical Disabilities: Sexual Functioning
This article explores the sexuality of women with physical disabilities and how they are able to maintain intimate relations with their partners.

Sexuality and People with Disabilities: What Experts Often Are Not Aware Of
This article discusses how an individual's self-esteem and independence affects all facets of their life, including their sexuality.

Sexuality and People with Disabilities
This article discusses sexual rights, pregnancy and reproduction, appropriate sexual behavior, and health-related issues for individuals with disabilities.

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In the majority of states, marriage is a legal union in which a man and woman agree to live together as husband and wife. Despite popular belief, many individuals with disabilities wed and live rich and fulfilling lives. However, marriage and a disability can present new and additional challenges. Go to these sites for information on marriage and disabilities. There is also information on keeping your marriage or relationship strong and healthy.

Partnership and Marriage in Down Syndrome
This article addresses concerns and solutions related to individuals with Down syndrome marrying.

Marriage Between Deaf and Hearing Persons
This site discusses some of the challenges and issues that may arise when deaf and hearing people marry each other.

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