Information you need before you get started

We have found that having the necessary information at your fingertips makes completing the questions easier.  You will need the following information about yourself or about the person you are helping:

  1. ZIP code
  2. Date of birth for self and spouse
  3. Type of residence (house, apartment, or mobile home)
  4. Length of time in current residence
  5. Veteran status for self and spouse
  6. Employment history (specifically, whether or not the person ever worked for the state, local, county, or federal government or the railroads) for self and spouse
  7. Names of prescription medications (we recommend having the prescription bottles or information available about the person's medications from their health professional)
  8. Current income and assets from all sources for self, spouse and others in the household
  9. Estimates of current expenses (such as mortgage/rent, utilities, out-of-pocket medical bills, expenses for caring for someone at home while the person works or goes to school, etc.) 

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Thursday, June 20, 2019